Friday, July 8, 2011


My blogger dashboard says "!" has 3 posts, which is very untrue...I had 2. This is number 3, the one I'm writing now. I wonder where this phantom post No matter, I suppose. And, sadly, I decided to bite the bullet and change the blog's name from "!" to Salami and Orchids. Might as well, it being the address and all. I wonder if I'll get slammed for copyright infringement. I switched it around, after all...and certainly ol' Eva wasn't the only one a fan of both.

Besides, "Pepperoni and Tulips" doesn't have the same ring to it.

Anyway, I came across an interesting article today in mental_floss's Morning Cup o'Links (awesome daily collection of links). It's an interview with a woman who left the ultra-religious "Quiverfull" Movement, and she now runs a blog called No Longer Quivering that helps to advertise and heal survivors of the Quiverfull movement. The most famous practitioners being Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, they follow a set of guidelines that include homeschooling, modest dress, and -oh, yeah- leaving their family planning to the Lord. As in they use no birth control whatsoever.

The interview is here at a site promoting sexual health.

Fascinating stuff. I'm a little obsessed. I'm a serious atheist but I'm completely drawn in by any and all things religion. I actually graduated a few credits short of a minor in religion. People that devote their whole lives to an unproven idea- I don't even have words for it. It's beautiful, and I'm jealous- I wish I could live my life with that much passion for something or be...convinced so easily.

Maybe I should work on this at a decent hour when I can arrange my thoughts in a straight line.

Not like anybody's reading this anyway.

But there it is. Quiverfull.

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