Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hair-Raising, Part I

Internet Explorer is not longer the most common web browser coming to Salami & Orchids! Rock on, Firefox, rock on. Chrome is holding steady at #3, but falling fast...we'll see what happens. 

The Great Curl Project Update: 

Here's a reminder of the before picture (not for the faint of heart): 

And now: 

Not great, but an improvement, I think. Those top few inches won't curl for anything, man...oh well. I think once I figure out how to get the frizz situation under control and get it to dry at a reasonable time (the above picture was taken at 4-ish, so it's been "drying" for over twelve hours there. Not so good.) I might actually look human and not like such a beast. 

The current regime is shampoo, then condition, then comb, then leave-in conditioner and anti-humidity "milk" then I scrunch some of the water out with a t-shirt (because terry cloth supposedly encourages frizz) and then I don't touch it ever again because touching- you guessed it- encourages frizz. Sigh. 

Maybe one day I'll be cute. 

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