Monday, July 11, 2011

May Contain Spoilers

The number of pageviews I've received from people using Internet Explorer is gross. Do that many people- or that one person?- still use IE? Augh. People. Really. Let's stop. My Firefox was being stupid one day so I had to use IE and I almost threw my laptop out of a window which would have rendered it only slightly more useless. 

It's for your own good, really.   

Just read they're making a movie out of "What To Expect While You're Expecting". After reading my sisters-in-law's copies I've got to say there's isn't a whole lot funny about vaginal discharge. Although, if memory serves, month 5 typically involves digestive upsets and excessive gas, and Lord knows excessive gas is hilarious. I freaking hate Hollywood. 

Just wait until I find an agent that isn't afraid of being excommunicated. I'll show you entertainment, bitches. 

Yeah, I'm still on the agent search. I've sent 10 query letters so far and only got 2 "No"s, which I figure is pretty good, considering. I'd give hints but to put these things out there kind of defeats the purpose of trying to find somebody to pay me to write it. Let's just say some of my ideas are...incendiary. 

Remember my font selection? How do I make it my default font? I really dislike Times New Roman and it grates my eyeballs to look at it. 

UPDATE ON THE GREAT CURL PROJECT: I may have figured out my plan of attack. I'm pretty excited. I'll put up a picture tomorrow if things continue to go well. 

Tomorrow may also be the day I post about the Internship From Hell. I keep dreaming about it...I think I need to purge it so I can move on. Get it all out and leave it here. Blegh. 

I need to stop writing about the things I'm going to write about and actually write those things. I'll work on that. 

All for now. I need to go bake the focaccia I started last night- should be tasty. 

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