Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sometimes Right

There's this hilarious site called Not Always Right and it features quotes from the customers of the world who...let's just say they're not always right.

Sometimes, though, sometimes the customer is right. Like today, when the GYN's office finally called.

Naturally, as with all phone calls you're waiting for (or I'm waiting for, anyway), I missed it. The voicemail said, "Hello, this is Dr. Tra-la-la's office and we have the results of your ultrasound. Please call us back as soon as possible at 555-GYNS", so I call right back.

Receptionist: Hello?
Me: Hi, the office just called me?
Receptionist: No.

No? No?! Really. Wow. That's amazing how the voicemail just magically appeared like that 30 seconds ago. rude!

Me:...uh...yeah, I received a voicemail saying my test results were available.
Receptionist: *annoyed sigh*

I'm so sorry for interrupting you from doing your job by asking you to do your job!

Receptionist: Who called you?
Me: They didn't say.
Receptionist: *clearly irritated* What's your name and who's your doctor?
Me: Plum Jo, I see Dr. Tra-la-la.
Receptionist: Hold.

It was like a command. I was ordered to hold. So held I did-- I'm nothing if not obedient. I held for 15 minutes.

After those 15 minutes a much nicer receptionist told me my ultrasound results were normal (Yay, I think...), but that my primary doctor hadn't sent my most recent blood test results, so we can't do anything yet. Once the doctor gets the blood test results he'll call back with the next step.


So I called my old primary doctor's office (I'm still in the process of switching GPs as the first appointment with my new one is the 28th.) and left a message for them to send over the results ASAP. Why did I leave a message? Because the records/referrals lady only works until noon.

What the crap is that? People have to wait a whole extra day if they can only make the call during their lunch break? Or if another doctor gets back to you after 12? Harsh.

And as for jerky receptionist up there, it's your job to talk to people and be pleasant. I'm pretty sure this was the same jerky receptionist that, before my first appointment (Natural Disaster Rag), had me announce all of my personal information in front of the entire waiting room. Like name, birthday, social security number, that kind of thing. You know, the kind of stuff that an identity thief is just praying to hear, and the kind of thing you fill out on those new patient forms so she was about to get all that information on paper in front of her anyway.

She also kind of looks like my bitchy aunt.

But lucky(?) for me my credit is in such poor standing that an identity thief would get laughed at if he tried to take out a credit card or something in my name.

Not even kidding, the interest rate on my credit card is 29%. My dad said he's going to close the account to see if he can negotiate a lower rate since technically it's his card, too. Jesus, I hope he can...I'd really like to be able to afford to move out some time before I'm 30. That'd be nice.

Sickness has unfortunately pushed back some pending posts...I don't know why I even bother teasing them anymore, they still never get out in a timely fashion. I'll work on that. Probably tomorrow...

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