Friday, September 23, 2011

Blanc-ing Out: A Reintroduction

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a sad announcement to make.

My friend Blanc is no more.

Or, rather, no longer. No longer Blanc.

What with my dear friend's quest for fame and fortune, the upcoming debut of our co-authored movie reviews, and the launch of his blog Comedy is Serious Business, it's been decided he should be referred to by his given name, Chandler.

Of course, Chandler may become rich and famous overnight what with the results of the New York Television Festival's Comedy Script Contest being announced tomorrow, Chandler being a finalist. I'm so excited that I'm actually nervous for him, Lord knows how I get nervous, even about things completely unrelated to me.

Something that is related to me, though insignificant in comparison, is I will miss calling him Blanc and all of the Blanc/Blank puns I could have made...

I got up "early" this morning to go to the library, so now it is most definitely nap time. Or try to get to sleep, anyway-- don't you hate how it's so hard to fall asleep when you're sick, but that's all you want to do? Le sigh.

Tomorrow will be the summary, as usual.

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