Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday Summary Plus 8

-10: The end of an era: (Jon and) Kate Plus 8 aired its series finale this week. It was interesting to look back and remember what the show was like before Kate became unbearable and the whole thing became awkward and contrived. I wish they hadn't sold out like they did, what made the show special in the first place was that it was real.

It takes a strong, strong person not to change under those circumstances, though. I like to think I'd be able to maintain my sense of self with people throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars at me but of course there's no way of knowing.

Those poor kids. At least with Jon around Kate's...self...was diluted by some kind of sanity, but now it's just them and her. I don't envy them even a little.


+ 20: A new feature I'm thinking of starting is actor analyses; articles detailing the careers of actors and actresses, strengths and weaknesses, upcoming projects, whatnot...I'm excited about it. Blanc and I are going to talk about our joint movie reviews on Monday, so once we get that figured out we'll have that going, too.


Still: Jobs for Smart People-- Anyone? Anyone? Why am I getting so much traffic from such a random, unrelated place? Not that I'm complaining, just curious.


Gaaaah: My GYN still hasn't called. Frick. Now what? Do I call him Monday? Or wait? This is such unnecessary stress...I mean, does he think the ultrasound cured something? Like, "Oh, the ultrasound is clean, no big deal." Frick again.


Dusk: Alright, look. I'm not going to lie to you, I do enjoy a little Twilight. It all started when Robert Pattinson jumped out of that tree in the fourth Harry Potter movie, you know? He's a handsome boy. The first movie was a couple months from coming out and I knew Robert Pattinson had been cast as this Edward there'd been so much talk about, so I was curious what the deal was. I mean, there had been a big to-do about the Harry Potter books that I ignored and would come to regret having done, so why not? Plus Gayle said she liked them and they were worth giving a shot.

So I did. No, they're not great triumphs of literature, but they're entertaining enough...beach reads, you could say. In fact, one of my first ideas for the other blog I've been playing with (but haven't launched...I'll let you know) was rewriting Twilight to make it suck less-- but the Twilight camp is really, really serious about suing people and I don't want to be sued. I'd've been doing it as a parody and critique but it'd be walking a very, very fine line of fair use and...I really don't want to be sued.

That being said the movies are amusing as well, Robert is still handsome, and the soundtracks are about the closest I get to modern music anymore. Debra enjoyed the books so we see the movies together. Breaking Dawn was my favorite of the books, so I'm looking forward to seeing the movie-- especially since the trailer just came out.

And it looks alright, much better than the others so far. How fantastically busted do they make Kristen Stewart look? Holy crap. It's worth it just for that.

Yeah, not a fan of hers.


The Final Frontier: Is it just me or has NASA been discovering stuff all over the place all of a sudden? I mean, I've widened the parameters of my StumbleUpon preferences, so maybe I just haven't noticed it before, but it just seems like as soon as they ended the space missions they're discovering stuff left and right. Planets similar distances from their star as we are to ours (superearths), water, even a planet with two suns like Tatooine!

I want us to find life elsewhere so badly. I really do. Just to know what their lives are's so exciting.


I've Been a Bad, Bad Girl: I've managed to rack up $10 in library fines. Oops.


Back to the Future: You know how we look at old-timey ads now and we're like, "Geez, people were stupid! They took cocaine for toothaches!" or whatever? 50 years from now people are going to look back and wonder why we're so obsessed with colon health. Probiotics, regulatory yogurt, pills, powders, candies...we're going to look ridiculous. If you're so worried get a magnesium supplement.


On that note...upcoming posts include: Helen Keller, Fight Club and Self Injury (for real!), and Badass Catholic Grandmothers.

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