Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm So Hungry

I know, I know, "Fight Club"'s coming, I swear. It's just been a tough week, health-wise, but I'm feeling strong today so I think I'll get some real work done.

Part of the reason I'm feeling good was my tasty, tasty breakfast. Tasty. Tasty tasty. I did a riff on Almost Bourdain's Eggs Baked in Tomatoes and I'm thinking about doing another tomorrow, it was so good. I'm so pissed though: I can't find my ramekins. I had three (Gayle as the 4th) light blue ramekins and I can't find them. It's driving me nuts. I loved my ramekins. Anyway I fried up some onions a torn up a piece of ham cold cut (and a few drops of Worcestershire sauce) and put that in the tomato...then halfway through the 15 minute pre-cook I put in some cheese, and then when the 15 was up I cracked in the egg and baked that until the white was solid but the yolk was runny. IT WAS SO GOOD. A little wet, though, I'm going to put a little flour in the tomato tomorrow, I think, to help soak up some of the juice. My mother suggested a little piece of bread in the bottom, but I hate soggy bread.

You know what I REALLY hate, though? Mayonnaise. And don't think you're fooling me, chefs, I know what "aioli" is: mayonnaise. You'd think I wouldn't mind so much because I love eggs in about 99% of they ways they're prepared, and who doesn't like oil? But I hate everything about mayonnaise. Just thinking about it makes me a little nauseous.

Anyway, the tomato and egg was delicious.

I'm so hungry. Like, massively hungry. All day. I'm like a bottomless pit. Anybody else get like that when they ovulate? It's almost as bad as PMS...or MS...MS being "menstrual syndrome" which isn't really a thing but it should be so people will stop confusing "pre-menstrual syndrome" for the issues related to the, you know, actual thing itself. You know what I mean.

Not the point. The point is I'm crazy hungry.

OOOOH, you know what's awesome? I saw it today in Wawa, Hershey is making a new candy bar: the Air Delight! It's an aerated chocolate bar, and I used to eat them all the time when I was studying abroad in London. According to the Huffington Post, aerated chocolate is a $500 million industry-- it just hadn't made its way here yet. And I'm so excited! It's another thing I can cross off my list of "English Foods I Wish Were Here", first was Sweet Chili sauce at McDonald's (yummmm). In fact, that may become a post because there are many, haha.

The commenters on that Huff Post article are pretty bitchy. I'm not sure why. A surprising number are freaking out about air being incorporated into the bar that they're paying for-- but it would work out to a fraction of a penny, OR not even any, because an aero bar is taller than a normal bar.

God, I miss London. If I could walk there, I would. Just...stroll across the ocean.

Cheers, folks. Go buy yourself an Air Delight.

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