Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Defying the Odds

In June of 1971, a couple of high school senior girls wanted to go swimming, but none of the girls had their bathing suits. They were at one of the group's house, but the resident's older sister said they couldn't swim in their clothes. Another girl knew of a party that was happening at a house with a pool, so the girls decided to go there. 

Upon arriving at the party, a young male attendee pushed one of the girls from our original group into the pool. Because he thought she was cute. 

Their first date was their high school graduation-- it turned out they'd been in the same class and didn't know it. 

On August 9, 1975, they were married. 

36 years later they have three children, two grandchildren, and are still married. 

They're my parents and they're proof that a long, happy marriage is possible for anyone. It hasn't always been easy, or pretty, but if you believe in it and work at it, it can be done.  

Happy anniversary, Mom & Dad. 

And take that, Herbert. 

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