Friday, August 19, 2011

I Live with Luddites.

My parents were born in 1954, making them the last of the baby boomers.

And they really, really suck at computers. Like, hardcore suck at computers. Not that their age has anything to do with it, because my mother's sister who's almost 10 years older than her does well enough with technology to work from home. And want an iPad.

I myself am pretty bad but they think I'm amazing, so I have to tell them that the fact that they think I know a lot shows how pitifully little they know.

Now I could go into detail and describe a hundred instances of all the stupid things they say and do, technology related, but I'm having one of those days where everything online says what I'm thinking 100 times better than I ever could, so here's a link to a story where an older gentleman uses a computer for the first time ever: Joe's First Computer Encounter.

Wait-- here's one story from just last night that isn't covered anywhere else in this post because that's how bad it is. My father, who's had a computer in his house that he's used daily for twelve years asked me, when I told him to select a file, "Left-click or right-click?"

May I fall down dead if I'm lying.

See? Still here.

This one came up on Cracked today: 6 Reasons the Guy Who's Fixing Your Computer Hates You, and I assure you, he does hate you in those moments. Really and truly.

And now, my favorite Rage-type Comic:

Story of my life, man. The story of my life. 

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