Sunday, October 30, 2011

Speaking of Sunday Summary

Pardon My Dust: I'll be doing a cleanup on my tags because I have 7 million of them...

And more importantly, shortly, shortly, Salami & Orchids will be getting a new little sister blog, "Blauthor, Blauthor!", and all things writing and book-related will be posted over there. By me, of course, still by me. Blauthor will launch so soon, in fact, that the next book review will be posted only there. I'm in the process of moving copies of S&O's previously posted book reviews to Blauthor for convenience/posterity.

Anoter aspect of Blauthor, that I'm very excited about, is I'll be blooking (blogging a book) my novel Superstore, and hopefully other fiction works in the future. Stay tuned, fun stuff is coming!


Speaking of Fun Stuff Coming: I won the Piney Woods Tatter's October Event! The package is on its way and I'm so, so excited. I haven't been able to tat much with money being so tight, so when the box arrives the lace-making will begin! I'll post pictures of the work- maybe even do a tatting tutorial-- how cute would that be? I've been meaning to post more crafty things. I will.


Wednesday Weigh Ins: For real. Starting Wednesday. Lisa's getting married in less than a year, so I have less than a year to lose 40-70 pounds. You and me, we're doing this together. We're going to exercise, we're going to count calories, we're going to kick some major ass.

And I meant what I said about getting other bloggers involved. I want stats. I want stories. I want pictures. I want recipes.


WTF Snow: When I write these things I keep a tab with the "Compose Post" window up and I leave little notes to myself so I remember what I wanted to talk about. The notes I leave are almost never the little titles I give at the head of each section because it usually needs to stew in my head a little before a satisfying pun distills.

This title, however, is exactly what I wrote. And it bears repeating: WTF Snow.

I figured I had another month before I would need to complain about snow, but no. No, not this year. In weather's defense, I heard a rumor that this was the first pre-Halloween snow since 1952. This shocked me because 1952 means it happened before my parents were born. Holy crap.

Now let me tell you about snow. No, let me tell you about winter. Winter is the bastard cousin of that most excellent of seasons, autumn, and ugly little sister of that second most excellent of seasons, spring.

In other words, winter sucks. Don't get me wrong, I dig the whole "cold" thing. My windows haven't been closed for a minute since my dad took my air conditioner out for the season. But I hate the dryness. I hate the general dryness outside, and I really hate that that dryness is compounded by the use of heaters. Blegh.

I have a humidifier in the shape of an elephant. His name is Archimedes, after my favorite Disney character.

Look how awesome this little guy is.

...what was I saying?

Right. Winter sucks and I don't like it. And it's encroaching on my favorite season.

Because winter's a jerk.


Speaking of Things I Don't Like: It's Halloween. Not a fan, to be honest. I'm all for celebrating horror and dressing up and drinking (In college I hung out with theater kids, it's what they did once or twice a month. ...Come to think of it, my non-theater friends did it on occasion, too.) but...I just don't get into it when it's forced on me, I guess. Like Valentine's Day.

In high school I had a religious a seriously religious faze. Boy did I hate Halloween then! I remember grumbling about pagans a lot.

I am, however, looking forward gorging myself on candy before I start counting every calorie.



Upcoming Posts: Fuller Fashion, The Lion King review, Why I Love My Antidepressant, and the upcoming launch of Blauthor, Blauthor!

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